Working Holiday Visa

The Australian Working Holiday visa offers young travellers aged 18-30 the opportunity to spend a year travelling around Australia, whilst supplementing their funds through temporary or casual work.

Australia Working Holiday Visa online application

First Working Holiday visas have to be applied for from outside Australia. Once the visa has been issued you have twelve months to enter into Australia. You are then permitted a stay of twelve months from your initial entry. Whilst on your first or second Working Holiday visa, any time that you spend outside of Australia will not extend the length of the Visa. If you would like to stay for longer, consider applying for the second Working Holiday whilst in Australia.

It usually takes around 48 hours to be issued your working holiday visa, however in some circumstances additional information may be requested before the visa can be issued.

You are permitted to undertake any kind of casual or temporary work. However, you cannot work for one employer for more than six months.

You will be permitted to study on your working holiday for a total of four months.

Australia Working Holiday Visa Requirements

To apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa you must be outside Australia, applicants will also need to:

  • Hold a valid passport for their entire trip.
  • Be aged between 18-30 years old.
  • Have no dependant children.
  • Have not entered Australia on a WHV before.
  • Your reason for entering Australia should be for a holiday, any work carried out should be to support yourself in funding your trip.

When entering Australia you might be asked to provide evidence of an onward ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one, as well as funds to support yourself for the first part of your stay.

The cost of the Australian Working Holiday visa is £239

Pure Australia Company strongly recommends that you do not book your flight until you have been granted your Australian Working Holiday visa.